You have made an important decision…something you have wanted to do for a long time now. Something you hope, will
make you feel better about yourself, or even, make you feel like you used to feel.


Dr Scott Ingram | Plastic Surgeon Brisbane 


Whether this decision has come about as a result of injury, disease or a desire to improve the way you look or feel. It is a big decision. Surgery is a serious decision.

You wouldn’t subject yourself to aesthetic surgery unless you were committed to the belief that looking better will make you feel better about yourself. Now you have made the decision to move forward, it is understandable that you are anxious to find the right surgeon.

The best way forward is to find a plastic surgeon and their support team that you feel completely comfortable with. At ‘Renaissant’, we understand. We appreciate the enormity of this decision and how important it is to find a surgeon you trust.

Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships

(Stephen R. Covey)

What does trust in the patient/doctor relationship really mean?  All good relationships are based on mutual trust. Without this trust, we cannot even start a patient/doctor relationship.

Trusting your surgeon means that you have confidence in them. You feel safe with them both physically and emotionally. You know they are there to help you and to listen to you. You need them to understand your wants, concerns and fears. 

Having trust in your surgeon means your can move forward with your decision knowing you are understood and respected as an individual. This is your body and only you will know the right surgeon for your needs. Do not underestimate your gut feeling. If you are uncomfortable with your surgeon, search for another.

Trusting is hard. Knowing who to trust, even harder. (Maria V. Snyder)


What to look for when searching for a plastic surgeon you can trust?

Is your doctor a qualified surgeon?

Looking for a plastic surgeon in Brisbane? The most important thing you need to find out is your surgeon’s qualifications. This is your body and you don’t want an inadequately trained doctor performing your surgery. One thing to consider, depending on the type of procedure you are planning to have done, is whether or not you enlist the services of a cosmetic surgeon or a plastic surgeon.

Most people are uncertain of the difference – and there is significant difference!

The term cosmetic surgeon is really a misnomer, as cosmetic surgery is not recognised as a surgical speciality.

Please note: There is an important difference between a medical practitioner performing cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeons who perform aesthetic surgery. The Australian Medical Council represents medical practitioners.

The titles of medical specialties are highly regulated by the Australian Medical Council. It is unlawful for doctors to title themselves as medical specialists in a particular field unless they hold appropriate qualifications.


Cosmetic Surgeons 

Cosmetic surgery is not recognised as a speciality surgical area. Some medical practitioners performing cosmetic procedures do not have specialist training.

Some may have attained diplomas in injectable therapies, laser treatments or attended short courses in breast augmentation but they are unable to advertise themselves as surgeons. Many lack the technical skills to perform certain types of surgery.


Plastic Surgeons

Conversely, specialist Plastic Surgeons, such as Dr. Scott Ingram, have rigorous surgical education and training including a minimum of 12 years medical and surgical education, with at least 5 years of specialist postgraduate training.

Plastic surgery includes both aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.  Aesthetic surgery includes what most people colloquially name, cosmetic surgery. Many plastic surgeons specialise predominantly in aesthetic surgery and they are skilled in a variety of surgical techniques.

Find a Plastic Surgeon with the expertise in your specific area of need

Aesthetic surgery has many different sub-specialities and although your surgeon may be qualified to perform all types of aesthetic surgery they may be better known for certain specialisations. For example a plastic surgeon may predominantly focus on breast augmentation and reduction, while another may be more focused on rhinoplasty.

Each area of cosmetic surgery requires different skills. Given this, you may feel more comfortable choosing a plastic surgeon who not only has substantial experience in the procedure you are considering, but also chooses to specialise in it.

Other surgeons with large clinics may embrace many different speciality areas. Some of these surgeons run clinics and day stay hospitals which may suit your particular area of need. These surgeons often also have affiliations with large hospitals for more invasive surgery that would require a longer hospital stay.


Read and explore their website

In today’s online world a plastic surgeon’s web site can give you a very clear picture of their specialities, aesthetic sense and general demeanour. Examine the site to ascertain whether it includes information about their qualifications and experience. Look at the past patient gallery – can you relate to the images? Does the site include where the surgeon operates? Does the site outline their values? Importantly does it tell you about how they view you as an individual?

We invite you to explore Dr. Ingram’s website to find out more about him as a surgeon. Alternatively, we recommend reading Renassiant’s website’ to learn more about our procedures, our practice and a wonderful team.


Choose a surgeon whose aesthetic sense appeals to you

Have you ever heard the saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’? It is true, everybody has different opinions and ideas on what they view as ‘aesthetically appealing’.

If you are at the stage of actively looking for your plastic surgeon in Brisbane, most likely, you already have an image of how you would like to look. We understand the importance of this surgery, in helping you achieve your dream.

When searching for your plastic surgeon in Brisbane, we strongly advise you to research and determine their ‘aesthetic sense’. During your consultation, ask to look at before and after photos of people of similar age and body structure as yourself.

Does the surgeon adjust their procedure to meet the individual needs of their patients? Or is it one size fits all?

Ask for or look for reviews from real patients having had a similar procedure. Do their results match the image you have created in your mind?


The Initial Consultation | Plastic Surgeon Brisbane 

Now you have an informed base from which to continue your search and you most probably have a short list of prospective plastic surgeons in Brisbane. How do you choose?

At this stage the only way to progress in your search is to meet with your surgeon.

Go to your initial consultation with an open mind, but fully prepared with questions. Be clear about your goals. From the moment you walk through the consulting room door, be mindful of how you are treated and how you feel.

Are you able to build rapport with your surgeon? Rapport builds trust quickly. Words, tone and body language will indicate to you whether you feel comfortable with your surgeon.

Your surgeon should explore your objectives, incentives and prospects for your surgery. They should contribute their expertise in identifying areas of improvement.

Their discussion with you, should guide you towards the best steps for achieving your goals, rather than pushing you into what they believe to be an improved outcome. This, we cannot stress enough!

It is appropriate that your surgeon advises you by outlining possible alternatives to procedures. You need to believe and trust that they are acting in your best interests at all times. You will know they are doing this if they take the time to connect with you to understand your needs and expectations.


Getting to know your plastic surgeon

As you get to know your surgeon through your first consultation, make a mental note of how comfortable you are about discussing your intimate details and reasons why you have made the decision to have surgery. Your comfort level is a good indication of whether you could build a trusting relationship with this surgeon.

Are they answering your questions? Are they actively listening to you, without interrupting you? You need to be listened to and given information in a respectful, non-judgmental way. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.


“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say”
(Bryant H. McGill).

By not hurrying you, by being compassionate and empathetic, your plastic surgeon is showing you this respect. By spending appropriate time with you and helping to advise and resolve your problems your surgeon is building a trusting bond with you.

Have they outlined the procedure and any risks? As you discuss your surgery are they giving you details about the actual procedure? You should feel comfortable that your questions have been appropriately answered.

All surgery, including aesthetic surgery has some risk associated with it. Your surgeon should outline any potential complications during or after the surgery. Your plastic surgeon should also outline any follow up care that may be necessary.

Have they outlined costs?  Has your surgeon discussed all fees and costs associated with your surgery including aesthetic and hospital? Talking costs can be awkward, but it is a vital. Especially as some aesthetic surgery is not covered by private health insurance.

Having met with and discussed your needs with a few plastic surgeons you are now ready to make a well-informed choice. This is an important decision.

You are choosing someone who will accompany you on this important journey. Feeling totally comfortable with your plastic surgeon and their support team will assist you on this road to a new you.


Where to now?

Dr. Scott Ingram and his support team are here to help you through this journey of care. From the initial consultation, right through to our thorough after procedure care.

This article is designed to help guide your decision making, so that you feel completely comfortable with your choice. Remember, at the end of the day, this decision is yours and yours alone. We welcome any questions you may have and Dr. Ingram and the team at Renaissant, look forward to your initial consultation.