Journey of Care

Taking the step to have a procedure done can be both exciting and nerve-racking. Once you have found your specialist plastic surgeon in Brisbane, you may be wondering, from start to finish, what does my journey of care look like?

Please know that everyone’s journey to better aesthetic health looks different. Below is a step by step layout to help you visualise the process.  Our welcoming, committed and professional team will be there to support you through every step of your journey.

1. Your Pre-Assessment and Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is designed to discuss your aesthetic goals, assess your current health and photograph the area/s for treatment. This is completed with one of our qualified clinical nurses. Once this is complete you will meet with your specialist plastic surgeon to further discuss goals, treatment and surgical options in more detail, in our Brisbane clinic.

This initial consultation is the perfect time to have an open discussion and get answers for any questions you have been wondering about. (Note: we recommend writing down some questions at home to bring with you)

Your nurse will stay with you during the entirety of this appointment and every consultation thereafter. This ensures complete continuity of support and care through your journey.

2. Your Treatment Decision

On the completion of your initial consult, you will be provided with comprehensive medical and financial information to help you make an informed decision.

You are also more than welcome to contact your nurse during this decision period to ask any more questions or clarify any details outlined by your surgeon.

We understand this is a big decision and encourage you to take your time and have a think.

3. Your Pre-Operative Consultation

Once you have decided to proceed, you will have a pre-operative consultation with your clinical nurse to be measured for any devices or implants. This appointment is also to discuss any other requirements needed for the procedure.

Of course, this is another opportunity to ask questions and discuss the surgery with your nurse and surgeon.

4. Your Pre-Operative Check-Ins

Two weeks before your procedure, your nurse will phone you for a check-in and to ask if you have any outstanding questions. Your nurse will also run you through information about what to bring to hospital, what to wear on the day and timings to arrive for your procedure.

You will receive a final call the day before the surgery to confirm admission time and other details, such as when you need to be ‘nil by mouth’ and to confirm you have a support person/ carer escorting you to the hospital.

5. Your Procedure

The day has finally arrived. You may well be feeling eager, anxious, excited or all of the above! This is completely normal.

On the day, you will meet with your surgeon and anaesthetist separately. Your nurse will then conduct a final health check and ensure you are prepared for your procedure.

To ensure you are as comfortable as possible and to relieve any anxiety, we time your admission to be one hour prior to surgery. This however, depends on your procedure.

6. Your Recovery

Your recovery process will depend on the type of surgery you have had. For overnight stays, you will be moved to your room for the night after a period of time in recovery. During your overnight stay, you will continue to be closely monitored.

For our day surgery patients, our nursing team will monitor you until you feel ready to get changed back into your regular clothes.

We will then escort you to our ‘day recovery lounge’ for a drink and light refreshments.

7. Your Journey Home

Once you are feeling ready to return home, your support person /carer will be brought in to see you and your nurse. Together, you will discuss how the procedure went. Your nurse will carefully explain care information and what to expect over the coming week post-surgery. You will also be provided with discharge information before your carer drives you home.

8. Your Continued Journey with Renaissant

Your health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to us. Your recovery and ongoing progress will be closely monitored.

One week post surgery, you will have a consultation with our medical team. This is to check in and see how your recovery is going and so we can discuss scar management options – to ensure any scarring is as minimal as possible.

Dr Ingram is one of the best specialist plastic surgeons in Brisbane. He is dedicated to delivering world class, aesthetic health, services to clients. This is why you will also meet again with our team after 3, 6 and 12 months, to closely monitor your recovery and results. 

Be assured that Dr Ingram and his medical team will support you throughout your entire journey of care. We will provide you with honest and sound advice, genuine empathy and care, and of course, the very pinnacle of surgical excellence.